Kirsten (kirstenlouise) wrote in phantomcomics,

Erik goes out

faceless_hp faceless, but cute, HP comics. Very clever!
barnabyanimate a clever, multi-fandom animation strip series.

It was always like that for Erik, when he tried meeting other girls. When he told Meg afterwards, she offered no sympathy; merely giggles that he'd actually referred to his pad as the batcave. Being a man, Erik still didn't get it, and proceeded to break some more of the bazillion mirrors he had lying around.

If you can't tell, they're in a goth club, because we all know that's exactly the kind of place Erik would frequent. *cough*

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Hehe. I think I might have to go around screaming, "To the Batcave!" now. I do things like this periodically. Keeps em on their toes.
Snagged a couple icons.

LOVE "To the Batcave!" I used to bring lots of people home from school every day, and I would go "To the batmobile!" when we left.

I'm so gonna get busted for reading this in school
Haha, hopefully not! At least there's not a bunch of swear words or mentions of wanking in this one. XD
I yell batman phrases all the time! I totally feel Erik's pain. There are so many non-batman appreciators.

Tators! Took the 'goth love music' icon. :)
I think we all can feel Erik's pain, haha.
you are totally my hero if you yell batman phrases haha
hahaha omg i love it. that was so great
Oh Lordie, Goth-girl looks like my friend Jenn...only very, very, very pixil-y. Can Goth-girl be a recurring guest character?
I'd hope your friend didn't look that pixeled, haha. Perhaps, if I can find some more spots to stick her in!
bwahahaha! i told my friends about this comic, and we ended up suppressing laughter in class. after that we kept singing, "buttman! tenenenenenenenen....buttman!"

lol...we freak ourselves out. ^.^