Kirsten (kirstenlouise) wrote in phantomcomics,

erik loves bunnies

It just goes to show you that Christine is not safe when allowed to make guesses without any sufficient evidence on the matter.

And yes, I am aware that no one had washers and dryers at this period in time, but hush.

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That is the best image ever. Erik hugging a bunny.


If only he really had a soft side, haha.
OMG. I agree.
There's hundreds of bunnies on campus here. Erik must needs frolic amongst them. Verily he shall cuddle anon.
I can see that image in my head right now. And I like it a lot, haha.
*gasp* the "Erik loves fluffy bunnies" icon is the cutest thing ever!
This whole comic is so adorable! I love it!
Thank you! :)

Deleted comment

I'm glad you thought so. :)
erik+mr. rabbit=otp!


now i want a bunny!
Haha, if only they didn't smell so bad. XD bout chocolate bunnies?

Eeek cuteness.
The dude who spies on the ballerinas is Joseph Buquet. ^_^
I didn't even realize, but I added it to my photobucket before I edited the "all things.." list, haha. The real ones are on the icon. :-p
That bunny is so awesome. The last panel is officially the fourteenth wonder of the world. (I'm kinda easily amused, kay?) :D
Haha, thanks!

Deleted comment

Glad you think so. :)
Omigosh! I think I just had a spazz. I just found this place and I adore the Phantom movie, ehe. Makes me all giggly and happy. I love you, these comics are great they made me laugh a lot.
Aww, thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying them. :)