Kirsten (kirstenlouise) wrote in phantomcomics,

happy thanksgiving! (comic)

Okay, so I'm a day late, but it's the thought that counts. And I thought about this one for like, five plus seconds, haha. And yes, I know, Madame Giry is having Thanksgiving without Meg. you do. I blame it on my panels being tiny.

After the "phantom of the pheasant" incident, Christine refused to speak to Erik. For about three hours. Then, his magically seductive voice won her over once more, as she'd already forgotten all about that seemingly fateful Thanksgiving in Madame Giry's home. She continued to wonder what had happened to Meg. Part of her thought she knew, judging from the squeaking noises coming from behind mannequin!Christine.

I have to leave here pretty soon, so I don't have much time to make icons for this post. Sorry! Maybe another time? :)

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