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Phantom of the Opera comic: in MS paint!
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phantomcomics is, well, a web-comic, parodying the movie Phantom of the Opera.
Kirsten a.k.a. morticiansex, is the creator of these silly comics, and makes them in Paint. This means that I am solely responsible for all bad jokes, interpretations, and art. Phantom of the Opera is © Andrew Lloyd Webber, and all of those people. I’m obviously not making any money off of these, so please! Refrain from suing me!

It seems really typical, but, yep, these comics were definitely inspired by potterpuffs and icherisherik. Though, even I must admit that their art is far, far better than mine. But anyway, I absolutely love Phantom of the Opera, no matter how much I make fun of it. It is my love for these characters that make me give a damn about parodying their situations!

Or infrequently asked questions, rather

Q: Can I make these into icons/random graphics
A: Go right ahead, but please credit me. :)

Q: Will you affiliate with me
A: Of course! Don't be afraid to ask. And it doesn’t matter to me if your comic is HP, POTO, Star Wars, random objects, etc. Just comment on my latest post or e-mail me, and I'll get on it right away. :)

Q: Do you take requests/ideas?
A: Yes. If there’s something you’d like me to draw, I’ll most likely draw it for you. And I'm always open to new ideas.

Q: Why can't I join this community?
A: It's locked so I'm the only member, or is now, before a friend joined by accident, haha. But, you can friend the community if you'd like, and you'll see all my updates on your friends page. Standard procedure. ;)

No hot linking! None at all!
No really bad fake accents! ;)
No pretending you created these. Despite being crappy MS Paint sprites, I love them, and they belong to me.
No stealing my comic ideas! They are also mine, unless otherwise stated.
No bashing. If you don’t like my comics, that's fine, but just leave.

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If you'd like to affiliate with me, just comment on any of my posts, asking. :)

Use this if you’d like to plug me, put me in your user info, affiliate, etc. :)

Oh, and my layout is a modified version of one from Tillyness I generally make my own [much better! (lol)]layouts, but I have too much on my hands to do it for this community! :)